Where’s The Heat?

Oh yes, the winter has blanketed much of the US  with snow and the temperatures have put us all in the deep freeze. Staying warm in these conditions is a must, but do you do it safely? How many working fire safety products do you actually have in your home?  Remeber CALL 911 in any incident. Here a few must haves:

smoke-detect-carbonSmoke Detectors are your families first defense in case of fire.  Carbon Monoxide is odorless andyou cannot see it butit is oneof the deadliest causes in homes. Go for it and get a smoke detector and carbon monoxide all-in-one alarm. As a rule of thumb, everytime we turn the clocks backwards/forwards – change the batteries.

new-extenguisherA Fire Extenguisher  can be a handy tool in case a small fire breaks out, there are many available for different applications such as a stove fire or a garage fire where flammable material is often kept. A fire extenguisher may at the very least give you an opportunity to get your family out safe. Use common sense, if it is not a small fire and your extenguisher is not capable of completely putting out the fire, call 911.

fire-escapeWhen you are trapped on the third floor of an apartment building and there is no escape from a fire, what do you do, jump? Absolutely if necessary, however having a handy Fire Escape Ladder could save you a lot of broken bones. Simple, small and easy to store, this is exactly what you need.

We care about you and your family and wish you all to be safe and warm this winter. Would you like to WIN the fire safety products above? One simple click and they could be yours. Go ahead, good luck!

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