Peace Offering

img_20160930_190348_122I had been out of town visiting my daughter.While out to lunch one day, my daughter said “I have to take you to “Jenny’s Thrift”. Of course, I was up for that, her and I are always on the hunt for goodies and treasures. We had already been to 3 or 4 little shops and a few hard to find yard sales.

We were coming up nearly empty handed and we were totally believing the season was over. Summers gone, yard sales are scarce, the thrift shops had been picked over – even coffee and lunch could’t cure the blues we were starting to feel. “It can’t be true, we live so far apart and our bargain adventures have been so few” she said. With that we headed to Jenny’s.

We pulled in and I was excited but had little hope this would end well, we’d had no luck so far. As we stepped inside I could feel a glimmer of hope, Victorian hankies, oh look glassware, that’s an awesome shelf, check out that fancy mirror. Now, I don’t know which one of us said that or if we were both talking at the same time but it was the truth. We were like little girls in a candy factory.

I was really looking these fine pieces of ‘bargain awsomeness’ over and soon I had to start setting things up by the register because I could’t hold them. Ahh, life was good.

We left there and made one more stop at a yard sale on the trip home. What? I couldn’t believe my eyes. No one had bought all of these great pieces, and at this price? I grabbed up some glass jars, and a few other knick-knacks. Then I laid my eyes on this, the exact piece I had been searching for. You see, my husband loves pottery, bronzes and especially pots but he does give me ‘the look’ when I come home with boxes of my finds.

This great piece, well, it is my PEACE OFFERING. I will let my hubby chat for a few minutes about how we have no more room for -junk- and I could have sent that money to my grandchildren in college and then I will present him with this present. “I saw this and I so thought of you honey” I said, “Can you believe I found it?”

While he was turning his precious pot upside down and searching for makers marks and cracks, it was easy to simply walk all the rest of my bags and boxes past him … and we are living happily ever after 🙂

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