Are Himalayan Salt Lamps Worthy?

himalayanFor better than a year, the salt lamps have been touted as having negative ions bringing positive energy.  Is there scientific proof? Can they really change your mood? Let us unwrap the myth.

Himalayan salt lamps are made from large rock crystals of salt mined in Pakistan and India in the vicinity of the Himalayas. They are often orange or pink but can be an off white or yellow.

A few small scientific tests have been done and have indicated to a certain extent that they may be beneficial but Continue reading

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Kitchen Revival

Does your kitchen need a makeover but the tight budget, especially after the holidays, is holding you back? We are always on the look out for awesome ways to transform rooms in the house as we prepare for retirement. Some day soon this will be too much of a house and property for us so getting ready to sell is a top priority. Continue reading

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My Space: The Mom Cave aka Diva Den

believe-2We as woman crave our private space. That one sweet spot where for just 5 minutes we don’t have to clean a spill, run an errand, or juggle career demands. We usually find our ‘me time’ in the shower, right?            You need more than me time – you need a Mom Cave aka the Diva Den  or She Shed 🙂

That sweet spot can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be. If you have an extra room then what are you waiting for? Even a guest bedroom can be set up with a simple desk or comfortable chair.  If space is limited have no fear, you can still make it work. Continue reading

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Fudge, Fudge, Fudge

fudgeI can go for long periods of time without craving fudge. Don’t get me wrong I do have a sweet tooth but it can usually be curbed with a small piece of candy or a cookie. However, when the holidays are here I can only think of one yummy thing, no not turkey & dressing, you guessed it – fudge. Continue reading

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Displays Make Or Break Your Sales

Start by cleaning the shelf from front to back with pledge or other household cleaner to make the area free from dust a debris . Now that your area is clean. Take a step back and look at your area is the back of the display a dark or light colored area? If it is a light colored area then you are going to want to display all of your darker items here and if its darker then you are going to want to display all of your light colored items here. You may want to also think about Continue reading

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Your Opinion Matters!

img_20161110_094238_046InspiraScentz has allowed us to pass out free samples and goody bags of their uniquely scented wax melts and candles. Did you get one?
 Your opinion matters, help us build the wackiest assortment of wax melts and candles anywhere!

Let us know what you think!

We appreciate your patronage and look forward to hearing from you. The Gabby Butterfly Boutique is a unique and eclectic blend of old and new home decor and are very honored that InspiraScentz has joined us.

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Peace Offering

img_20160930_190348_122I had been out of town visiting my daughter.While out to lunch one day, my daughter said “I have to take you to “Jenny’s Thrift”. Of course, I was up for that, her and I are always on the hunt for goodies and treasures. We had already been to 3 or 4 little shops and a few hard to find yard sales.

We were coming up nearly empty handed and we were totally believing the season was over. Summers gone, yard sales are scarce, the thrift shops Continue reading

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Just In Time, Warm Cozy Quilts To Make

quiltQuilting is something that everyone can do, it may seem hard at first but once you get the hang of it you won’t want to quit.

First off, you need to find some coordinating fabrics that you like, then you need to pick a pattern.  A simple block pattern is what most beginners start with. It’s easy and makes the quilt come together fairly quickly.

Once you have your pattern and your fabric picked out, you then decide Continue reading

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10 Best Air Filtering Plants

plant-storyI have many plants in my home and I was so happy to find out which plants are great for filtering the air.  I think I need to change a few 🙂


Check out this awesome information from Healthy and Natural World.

Using space station technology to ensure the safety of your home may be easier than you thought. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration conducted the NASA Clean Air Study to demonstrate the effectiveness of particular plants to purify air.   Find out now!

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Fair Is In The Air

The Tulsa State fair is September 29 – October 9th. Less than two weeks! Do you go every year? Oh the smells, yes the smells. Corndogs, barbecue, candy and so much more including hay and motor oil 🙂  Bright lights, music, kids laughing, the buzz of the motor on the ferris wheel.

img_20160907_122638_864InspiraScentz has captured the Essence of Fair. Enjoy the anticipation of a fantastic night and the memories afterward with the tantalizing scents of Salt Water Taffy, Drizzled Popcorn, & Caramel Apple! Available in 6-pack wax melts, votives and 5 ounce glass jars.  Come get you some!

3 West 41st Sand Springs  Highway 97 & 41st Street
Tuesday – Saturday 10-5

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