My Space: The Mom Cave aka Diva Den

believe-2We as woman crave our private space. That one sweet spot where for just 5 minutes we don’t have to clean a spill, run an errand, or juggle career demands. We usually find our ‘me time’ in the shower, right?            You need more than me time – you need a Mom Cave aka the Diva Den  or She Shed 🙂

That sweet spot can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be. If you have an extra room then what are you waiting for? Even a guest bedroom can be set up with a simple desk or comfortable chair.  If space is limited have no fear, you can still make it work.

We moved into a small 2 bedroom house after my Older children left home leaving me with virtually no private space. That was not going to work. I needed a place to get away from the noise of the TV, de-stress from work and climb into my own bubble. Of course, my spouse had his garage and his workshop so man cave was NOT a concern LOL.  It didn’t take long until I was at my local Walmart and discovered a small $20 computer desk, that is all it took. I went straight home and started scooting things around in the bedroom. I tossed out the floor lamp and a basket giving me just enough space for my desk.

The choices were endless, I  put my laptop on the desk and a dry erase board on the wall for notes. No, I found I was writing grocery lists and shopping online. That was not at all what I needed. I needed my space, my bubble, my time. Okay, let’s put up a few pictures of the kiddos and again the laptop. No, don’t get me wrong I love my children to the moon and back but found myself jotting down birthdays, worrying about their college tuitions and so on. Still not what I needed.

I have now figured out that maybe the laptop wasn’t such a good idea but I kept it on the desk anyway.  I found this really cool sign that said Believe In Yourself, it was girly with teal and pink (my faves), then I made a journal with matching colors, added a Lavender scented candle and what I did next cinched it all together.

I picked up a pair of earbuds, greatest invention e v e r .  I plugged the ear buds into my computer, sent myself to YouTube and started listening to music. Most of the songs brought back many happy memories of my life. I started journaling all the things I was thankful for, memories, and my bucket list.

It is now a rule of the house, after work I take 30 minutes and go to my sweet spot, don’t bother me unless the house is on fire. I don’t always listen to music but what a great way to block out the rest of the world and live in my own Diva Den!

Let your imagination run wild, pick a spot on the front or back porch, how about the deck? Some woman are opting for small sheds or doll house type buildings.

Try it, you will like it and you DESERVE it!

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