IMG_20170211_124939_408Kitch-katch, my husbands word for my kitchen gadget & goodie habit. My kitchen, well really me, craves the latest trends. I do try to be pratical and most of the time, purchase items I can really use. Yes, occasionally I just have to have pretties, practical or not. My kitchen has become a catch-all for these great finds. My cabinets & countertops, stuffed!

I love my Copper Chef and use it daily. I have several sizes and I love how easy they clean up and the biggest win is I can cook without adding oil or butter. Perfect for those living healthy. Fave dish – Chicken Fajitas. Mmmmm. My friends and family know me well, look at the colorful handmade dish cloths matching my pot holders and measuring cups perfectly.

Do you have favorite kitchen gadgets or appliances? How long do you hold onto them? I have dishes & knick-knacks that go way back. I think I get separation anxiety when I finally have to toss something. Hoarder? No, but keeper of great finds – YES!

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