Housewarming Spice Gift

I recently had a sibling move back to our home state to enjoy retirement. While helping him move into his apartment I wondered what I could give him as a “welcome home” house warming gift. There was no doubt there would be something with our state logo on it but what else do you get a retired single man.

I remembered that he used to be a chef back in the day and always had a flare for cooking exotic foods. I know from my everyday cooking that I use lots of spices, especially garlic and seasoning salt. Since spices can be very pricey I needed to do something cool, practical and inexpensive.

Digging into my craft space I found some small zippered plastic bags, perfect I thought for putting spices in and I have 12 bags! Woot Woot!! I also have some small address labels so, on goes the computer and printer. I found a cool anchor theme (he’s retired Navy) and started typing in the name of 12 spices to fill the bags. Marjoram, coriander, sea salt, chives and 8 others. Worked perfectly, I filled the little bags from my own spice rack and carefully placed stickers on each, then I found a cool box to put our state logo on and hold the small spice bags.

I must say he was very happy when he opened the box. “how thoughtful” he said. “I am one person and spices sometimes last me years, makes me not want to buy them.”

So there you have it, pull out your crafty side and the possibilities are endless.


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