Christmas In July

Courtesy of By Taylor Murphy and Caroline Picard

We have all heard the advertisements for Christmas in July and think “hmm, way to early”. Well think again, think about the theme you would like to decorate your home with this year. One year I went all blue, I did away with the Christmas tree, my grandchildren were not happy 🙁  I tier stacked 3 small tables and had a blue with snowflakes runner draped across. I made a wreath with blue bulbs and blue ribbon to hang on the door. I wrapped all of the presents in shiny baby blue wrapping paper with silver bows. I liked it alot and again, my grandchildren thought it was pretty but did not like the idea of NOT having a Christmas tree.

The year before that I had found a bargain on glass heart shaped ornaments, you are right, I decorated the tree and the big picture window with glass heart shaped ornaments and red bows. It was very pretty but taking it all down and packing it away was a pain.

So, what to do this year? I haven’t decided but I know it is time as I search for bargains and craft alot of my decor. Thank goodness for Google! I found loads of DIY projects for Christmas. Do a quick run through and then make a plan, 5 months will fly by!

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