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What’s Around The Corner?
The Gabby Butterfly Boutique is spreading her wings and expanding with fresh, new products and we’ll also bring along some old favorites. From a name brand you have used and loved for many, many years to some new and happening glitz. Watch for it!

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Thank You Veterans

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The Fun Of It All

Our recent adventure into craft fairs was a super blast. We had so much fun and met many new & interesting people including other vendors.

We, Good Stuff Paper Co and I, were a little skeptical about how well we might do and how well we might be at staying in one place for 6+ hours. It all worked out and now we are looking into future adventures in the craft fair market arena. We will be sure to post any locations we are showing. Stay tuned…..

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To Eat or Not To Eat?

Awesome donuts, as cute and sweet as can be! Cupcakes will piles of fluffy frosting and colorful sprinkles, yes please! Wow, who doesn’t love a sweet treat? Are you counting calories or watching your weight?

No problem as these delightful pastries are not to eat. Bath fizzies have been growing in popularity year after year. They can enchant your senses, soothe your tired body and moisturize your skin. These decadent cutie pies are great for gift giving or to keep for yourself. Almond and Vitamin E oils gets your skin soft while the aroma fills the house with deliciousness.

How many stockings do you need to fill? Bath fizzies will be made available for sale starting in November. Follow us on Facebook for release details.

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It’s Not A Secret

What have we been up to lately? We know you have been missing us as we had to close down the little shop in Sand Springs. We, my friends, have been missing you too. We may be gone from that location but we are not gone for good!

While working hard to find convenient places in the Greater Tulsa area to share our unique wax melts, luscious bath bombs and other goodies, we are still in production and Fall and Christmas scents abound along with a few special surprises.  We were super blessed this past weekend to have Brooke here helping. She made some fantastic Evening Sky bath bombs with a special twist. I can’t wait for you to take in the aroma – wow they are fantastic!

Start making your Christmas list of family & friends you would like to gift special aromatic goodies to and we will be in touch soon.

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Heartfelt Holiday

Great handmade gift, foot stool built by my 89 year old dad!

The holidays are just around the corner and the shopping has begun. My heart just melts as I pick out gifts for my family, I love to watch their expressions and the hugs afterwards are priceless.  Traditionally, we offer at least one ‘made with love’ gift. That one gift that you know will be held near and dear or be a memory maker.

This season as you think about Christmas, think about true meaning, think about tradition. It’s okay to give that in your face, commercial, all the outrage gift but mellow it down this year and give from the heart. Give a story, give a memory maker!

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Change Is In The Air

The Gabby Butterfly Boutique is making changes. We love our customers and we listen too! Watch for upcoming announcements!  E X C I T I N G !!!!!!

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Christmas In July

Courtesy of Goodhousekeeping.com By Taylor Murphy and Caroline Picard

We have all heard the advertisements for Christmas in July and think “hmm, way to early”. Well think again, think about the theme you would like to decorate your home with this year. One year I went all blue, I did away with the Christmas tree, my grandchildren were not happy 🙁  I tier stacked 3 small tables and had a blue with snowflakes runner draped across. I made a wreath with blue bulbs and blue ribbon to hang on the door. I wrapped all of the presents in shiny baby blue wrapping paper with silver bows. I liked it alot and again, my grandchildren thought it was pretty but did not like the idea of NOT having a Christmas tree.

The year before that I had found a bargain on glass heart shaped ornaments, you are right, I decorated the tree and the big picture window with glass heart shaped ornaments and red bows. It was very pretty but taking it all down and packing it away was a pain.

So, what to do this year? I haven’t decided but I know it is time as I search for bargains and craft alot of my decor. Thank goodness for Google! I found loads of DIY projects for Christmas. Do a quick run through and then make a plan, 5 months will fly by!

We would love it if you would share your thoughts and pictures with us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/TheGabbyButterflyBoutique




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Thank You!

We so appreciate your patience as we mourn the loss of a family member. Our hearts are broken for the children.

Your kindness in bearing with us for new posts, sales and information is very kind of you. We will be back soon!

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Housewarming Spice Gift

I recently had a sibling move back to our home state to enjoy retirement. While helping him move into his apartment I wondered what I could give him as a “welcome home” house warming gift. There was no doubt there would be something with our state logo on it but what else do you get a retired single man.

I remembered that he used to be a chef back in the day and always had a flare for cooking exotic foods. I know from my everyday cooking that I use lots of spices, especially Continue reading

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