Change Is In The Air

The Gabby Butterfly Boutique is making changes. We love our customers and we listen too! Watch for upcoming announcements!  E X C I T I N G !!!!!!

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Christmas In July

Courtesy of By Taylor Murphy and Caroline Picard

We have all heard the advertisements for Christmas in July and think “hmm, way to early”. Well think again, think about the theme you would like to decorate your home with this year. One year I went all blue, I did away with the Christmas tree, my grandchildren were not happy 🙁  I tier stacked 3 small tables and had a blue with snowflakes runner draped across. I made a wreath with blue bulbs and blue ribbon to hang on the door. I wrapped all of the presents in shiny baby blue wrapping paper with silver bows. I liked it alot and again, my grandchildren thought it was pretty but did not like the idea of NOT having a Christmas tree.

The year before that I had found a bargain on glass heart shaped ornaments, you are right, I decorated the tree and the big picture window with glass heart shaped ornaments and red bows. It was very pretty but taking it all down and packing it away was a pain.

So, what to do this year? I haven’t decided but I know it is time as I search for bargains and craft alot of my decor. Thank goodness for Google! I found loads of DIY projects for Christmas. Do a quick run through and then make a plan, 5 months will fly by!

We would love it if you would share your thoughts and pictures with us on Facebook!


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Thank You!

We so appreciate your patience as we mourn the loss of a family member. Our hearts are broken for the children.

Your kindness in bearing with us for new posts, sales and information is very kind of you. We will be back soon!

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Housewarming Spice Gift

I recently had a sibling move back to our home state to enjoy retirement. While helping him move into his apartment I wondered what I could give him as a “welcome home” house warming gift. There was no doubt there would be something with our state logo on it but what else do you get a retired single man.

I remembered that he used to be a chef back in the day and always had a flare for cooking exotic foods. I know from my everyday cooking that I use lots of spices, especially Continue reading

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Nautical Accents

Living on the lake, I always considered using a nautical theme in my guest bathroom. I haven’t taken the plunge yet, however on a recent shopping trip I couldn’t help but notice accent piececs made of driftwood & metals adorned with shells, rope, fish net, and shiny pearls. Now it is a serious thought 🙂

What theme do you have in your bathroom and how do you know when the decor and accessories are too much? Shower curtain, bath towels, rugs, night lights, Continue reading

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Design Your Patio

Property of BHG

Ahh, the weather is getting better and better everyday making me want to sit on my patio, soak up some sun and sip a tall glass of ice tea. As I look around I find I still need to weed my flower beds, wash and dust the light fixtures and patio furniture and spruce it up until it looks inviting and warm.

While searching for new ideas I ran across this great article from Better Homes and Gardens that I really wanted to share with you today.

What is your patio strategy for 2017?

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Your Unique Style

In my home I have a mix of the old and new. My dads hand me down, pink Victorian chair sets next to my microfiber brown love seat and couch. Sounds strange, but very easy to blend in with accessories like throws and pillows. It is very easy to mix the old with the new. Most people have their very own idea of decorating whether it comes from a blend of hand me downs, from auctions or brand spanking new from a high end furniture store. Your furniture and your style can tell alot about you. The most important Continue reading

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Free Samples

Have you heard?  We are giving away FREE SAMPLES of Aromatherapy Shower Fizzies and Skin Softening Bath Bombs. We are located in the Prattville Market at 3 W 41st in Sand Springs. On the Prattville side of town 🙂 Offering Lavender, Cucumber-Melon, Karma and 7 more delightful scents in the bath bombs. We didn’t forget the wonderful men in our lives and also offer Windjammer and Firehouse. Our shower fizzies are made with pure, therapeutic grade essential oils and come in 9 different scents including Morning Citrus, Patchouli, Lavender & Ylang Ylang. We also offer a variety of handmade soaps including Clear Glycerin Harley and Shea Butter Wildflowers.  Continue reading

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Are You A Pinterest Addict?

pnterestWP postI wasn’t a big Pinterest fan,but landed there alot while searching for DIY projects. Isn’t it amazing the great ideas, motivation & crafts you can find? How to make a candle? No problem. Kids cloth lunch sacks? No problem. Man cave ideas? No problem. Pinterest seems to have it all.
So now, we are addicted too 🙂
We would love for to come pinning with us!


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Indoor Air Quality

IMG_20170307_120021_044We have been stuck in our houses all winter and are definitely longing for spring to arrive. We want to raise the windows and allow fresh air to move about removing the stale closed up winter smells. Did you know plants can help with cleaner indoor air?

Check out this great article from stating Winter is when cases of carbon monoxide and radon poisoning inside homes spike.

15 Best Plants for Cleaner Indoor Air

You might just be surprised!

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